Community Development 

A community needs advocates who come together and work for its betterment. We are dedicated to partnering with local groups to improve east Greensboro every day. It isn’t all business, either. We help promote events that bring harmony amongst community members, as well as help beautify neighborhoods throughout the area. 


After School
Tutoring Program

EGN supports an ongoing program in the Eastside Park neighborhood and an emerging program in the Willow Oaks neighborhood. These collaborative efforts provide an opportunity for EGN college student interns and volunteers to directly impact the academic success of participating east Greensboro children in a nurturing environment.


Jonesboro Scott Park & Heath
Neighborhood Plans

EGN serves as the lead agent in the implementation of these City-adopted plans, which were developed to address growth and reinvestment needs in both east Greensboro communities.

JSC Neighborhood Plan

Heath Neighborhood Plan





EGN (and partners) engage neighborhood residents with information designed to increase knowledge regarding sound financial habits. Topics covered include: banking, budgeting, saving and investing money, personal credit history, borrowing money and identity theft.



We provide opportunities for students from the local colleges and universities to engage in hands-on, “real world” impact in the local community.



Working in collaboration with several partners, led by Guilford County Department of Public Health, we seek to improve access to locally-grown fruits and vegetables for residents in designated “food deserts,” and  increase the purchase and consumption of healthier foods by government food assistance program recipients.



We provide technical support to east Greensboro neighborhood associations in a variety of ways. Read more
about what we do for


Chess Club

A year-round program for kids aged 7 and 17 years of age. Participants not only learn the rules and strategies of chess, they also acquire and develop critical thinking skills and discipline. 

[The program is conducted at Hayes-Taylor YMCA in east Greensboro. Studies have shown that children who play chess perform better in the areas of math, reading and critical thinking skills. Over 150 minority youths have participated in this program to date]

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Eastside Park  
Community Center

EGN provides leadership and operational support for this community center located in the Eastside Park neighborhood. Inspired by a community leader, the center was built to support enrichment activities for local residents and to serve as a “safe haven” for kids.