Economic Development 

A strong community must have a strong economy. We spur economic progress through various means such as creating community programs, promoting existing businesses, and acquiring and rehabilitating personal and business properties. 


Urban Economic

The goal is to make east Greensboro more vibrant and attractive for new economic investment. EGN developed a plan that prioritized strategies to address the many challenges that have previously stunted economic development in east Greensboro. These strategies include a property enhancement program for retail businesses, repurposing older, vacant commercial buildings, acquisition of impact sites for new development opportunities, as well as other secondary strategies.

EGN Development Plan


This is a 4-mile, planned walking and biking trail that will loop around the center city of downtown. Portions of the loop are in east Greensboro. It is intended to enhance the urban landscape with a green space that promotes fitness, connectedness, and well-being. Most importantly, the loop is a key economic development tool for our community.

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In east Greensboro, many residents must travel to other quadrants of the city to acquire basic retail needs. Although the area accounts for the third highest sales in the city, there are limited retail options in east Greensboro.  EGN initiates development and collaborates with other developers to bring those quality services to the community.