Minority Entrepreneurship  

Everyone should have access to the resources they need in order to successfully root their business in the community. We provide one-on-one consulting, training classes, promotion, advising, and business fairs for new and established entrepreneurs in our area. This directly spurs economic activity and progress, and is key to helping us meet all of our goals for the community from increased home ownership to development and sustainability of the local economy. 

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An intensive, 10-week training class seeking to facilitate the development of new business plans and strategic plans that will improve the likelihood of starting and operating a successful small business. Nearly 400 participants have come through our program.




Gate City
Minority Business Opportunity Fair

This networking event provides exposure for local minority firms to contracting opportunities with the local municipalities, state universities, community college, military/federal agencies and larger private companies. It is conducive for meeting key decision-makers and forging mutually beneficial business relationships and alliances.


A program that provides one-on-one consulting to existing minority entrepreneurs (includes initial business assessment), various small business workshops, and outreach activities. More Information


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John Parker: Reviving a Legacy

As the son of a restaurateur and a former student of EMSDC’s REAL Entrepreneurship class, John Parker has first-hand knowledge of the challenges and benefits of entrepreneurship. With this knowledge, John Parker would take steps to revitalize the old charm of his family’s former restaurant.

John’s father once told him, “If a man can’t find a job, he can create one.” In 2010, after losing his job at Mother Murphy’s, John was faced with the challenge of turning his father’s words into a reality. It was at that time he decided to turn his loss into an opportunity. John would attempt to revive the legacy and success of his father’s former Goldsboro barbecue restaurant, “Guy Parker’s Barbeque”. A restaurant owned and operated by Guy Parker for over 40 years. In those 40 years the restaurant had become famous in the Goldsboro community. It was known for its dedication to using natural local products, but more so for Guy Parker’s role in breaking racial barriers in Goldsboro by establishing the town’s first integrated restaurant. At Guy’s everyone was welcomed through the front door and treated as respected customers regardless of race.

After completing the REAL Entrepreneurship class and further consultation with EGN staff, John decide against reopening Guy Parker’s Barbecue but instead reviving the famous sauce once served in the restaurant. After several attempts he was able to perfect the sauce. It is now known as, “Guy Parker’s Old Fashioned Barbecue Sauce and Marinade”. John’s first sales were made from the trunk of his car but it was not long before he was able to get his sauce placed on the shelves of local grocery stores. Today “Guy Parker’s Old Fashioned Barbecue Sauce and Marinade” can be found in Harris Teeters, Whole Foods, and The Fresh Markets all over the state. The sauce can also be purchased online at www.guyparkerbbq.com, various local markets, and in some South Carolina markets.